In order to ensure that your cargo is secure with us, we have taken up a goods in transit insurance to cover any loss or damage that may occur while we transport your goods.

The following are the limits to which your cargo is covered based on the transport that we shall use to carry your cargo:



















In case the value of your cargo being transported is higher than the limit of the vehicle that is transporting as per the above guidelines, we advise that you procure insurance to cover the excess amount.

Please note that you will be required to provide the basis of the valuation of your cargo in the event of a loss or damage.

Loss or damaged Cargo while in transit

Quatrix endeavors to ensure that we deliver your cargo in the same condition that we collected it from your pickup location. Our transporters are fully trained to handle your cargo with utmost care and make every effort to ensure that no deliberate act of theft, damage or sabotage is subjected to your cargo while in transit.

In the event that upon delivery, you or your representative at the drop-off location notice the following:

  1. The quantity collected does not match the quantity delivered;
  2. The cargo has signs of damage;


Do not proceed to Sign the Proof of delivery /Delivery note that will be presented to you by our transporter.

In the event that you sign the proof of delivery/delivery note and the transporter leaves your premises without you highlighting any shortage or damage, and you only notice the shortage or damage after our transporter has left, note that your claim for reimbursement to cater for the loss or damage may not be honored by our insurance.

In the event that you notice a shortage or damage to your cargo while the transporter is on site, please do the following:


  1. Report the shortage/damage to Quatrix Limited

Notify Quatrix immediately by calling our helpline +254 711 254 254 or sending an email to info@quatrixglobal.com with details of your claim.

Include pictures of the items that are damaged vs the intact ones for comparison and proof of damage

Include a copy of the invoice and delivery note bearing comments of the loss or damage and co-signed by the person receiving and our transporter.


  1. Your claim will be assessed by our assessors

We shall review and assess whether the loss/damage happened while the goods were in our custody while in transit.

If our assessors conclude that the loss/damage happened while the goods were in transit, we shall proceed to send you a claim form for you to fill out and send back to us.



  1. Insurance claim application

Once we receive your completed claim form, we shall forward the same to our insurance. The process of lodging your claim with our insurance might take time. We shall however keep you updated on a regular basis until we conclude the matter with our insurance.


  1. Payment of the claim

Once our claim is approved by the insurance, we shall proceed to settle your payment. Please note that your payment will be less the excess amount that is payable to insurance as part of any insurance policy.

For any enquiries regarding our insurance policy, please email us as soon as possible via info@quatrixglobal.com, or call us on +254 711 254 254.




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